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World of the Mouse

I’ve returned from Disney World, a sewer sea of humanity that makes sense of the phrase I need a vacation from my vacation. I think this was our longest trip there yet. In the past we’ve only done about 4 days in “the World”. It never seemed long enough and it wasn’t as if we were wanting to see everything. Even at a week, we still had a lot that we missed simply because there is just so much – the world is so vast – there are just so many people – it was just so dang hot ¬†and well, we couldn’t move that fast. I will freely admit that I am weary. It’s tough to be away from the comforts of home. 7 days on a slab of concrete that Disney passes off as a bed can do most anyone in. I slept but my body did so [...]

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

It’s t-minus 13 hours until we’re in the air heading to Florida. To say we’re excited is an understatement. I think I’ve been packed for the past 5 days. Silly, I know! Today started with the final preparations for the trip. I found out that the portable DVD player that I had purchased 9 months ago is basically a piece of crap. The battery doesn’t hold a charge rendering it useless for our trip. Since we’ll be on a plane all day, the best way to pass the time is to watch movies. So I went on a quest today to find a new DVD player. I had seen one at Wal Mart a couple days ago that I wanted to look at again. I got there and compared it to the Sony that comes highly rated. I decided that this one (a Magnavox) would do the job nicely and [...]

Escaping to Florida

On Tuesday, Michaela and I will wake up super early to catch a flight to Florida. It’s weird planning these trips because you want to get as much time as you can in at the parks as possible. When you request a quote from Disney for a package, they consider your first day to be the day you arrive. Well, it takes ALL DAY to get there from here. There just is no fast way. So, that travel day is pretty much wasted. It makes planning your flights tricky. When we get there, it will be about 3:30 in Orlando. And that is just landing at the airport. Nevermind that we have to take the usual trip to the bathroom, then trudge to the shuttle buses and then wait for our turn to board the bus and hit the road to Disney World. I figure that will add at least [...]

Well, I do go there a lot…

It’s no wonder that they would honor me in such a way…

Disneyland Memories

I’ve compiled the best of the pictures that I took this past weekend. Again, they’re in the Quicktime movie format and it’s almost 14MB big so give it a little time to load. Check out the video here.

Whirlwind Trip

Well, I am back from the Mouse House – weary and exhausted but exhilarated all the same. Michaela and I had a fabulous time and are always sad to leave. This trip was a trip of firsts…Michaela is officially 48″ tall which means that she can ride pretty much anything with the exception of the Malaboomer tower thingy…whatever that ride is that shoots up into the air…She’s got 4″ to go for that one and honestly, I am not in a hurry to ride that so it’s all good. This time around, however, Michaela got to ride the swings in the big orange and the white roller coaster that goes upside down over in California Adventure (California Screamin’). Michaela has been begging to go on the orange now for a while and now she could do it legally but wouldn’t you know it? They changed the ride and added tandum [...]